Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Anti-knife UK awards Wilson Chowdhry T-shirt for tackling Ilford knife crime.

Danny O'Brien, PSCO Heidi and Wilson Chowdhry at the presentation of the T-shirt.

After Green Party candidate Wilson Chowdhry held a local crime meeting involving Redbridge Trading Standards, Local Police and Chairman of Anti- Knife UK Danny O'Brien, he was presented with a surprise gift for his ongoing work with young people and adults.

Wilson is well known for his work towards the  promotion of peace and tolerance locally and Danny O'Brien presented him with one of his new T-shirts.  Mr O'Brien had last year also awarded Wilson an Award for his crime fighting endeavours (Click Here for Yellow Advertiser Article).

Danny Obrien said;

"Often the hardest workers in our community are not noticed.  Wilson's work with various youth arts projects and chairing Redbridge Carnival for 9 years has changed lives and tackled serious social issues. I was present at his latest project involving Youth Offenders and saw how their perceptions of other members of society changed during the art course. It is work like this that makes a difference."

Wilson Chowdhry said;

"I t was a great honour receiving the T-shirt, I look forward to wearing it with pride this summer.  Anti-Knife UK undertake a necessary role in fighting knife crime and I am encouraged that they have noticed my small effort."

Wilson Chowdhry was also responsible for the Redbridge Peace Monument.  Working with the mothers of victims of violent crime, he created deprived Ilford South's first Permanent Public artwork, that know acts as a beacon of hope whilst illustrating the futility and impact of violent crime.  (Further details can be found by clicking here)

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